Over the break…

Quite a few events coming up that are worth checking out. Tonight, there’s an event called Travel Special ++ at Artistry Cafe on Jalan Penang. Jerrold Yam again, and also Zhang Ruihe, who has done interesting work in creative non-fiction. Towards the end of the break, there’s something more open-ended, on Saturday, 27 September  there will be a Singapore Dreaming Project Workshop, in preparation for a conference in 2015 that will look at alternative ways of imagining Singapore: several speakers, including Colin Goh of Talkingcock.com fame, and Wee Wan-ling, will certainly touch on the arts and literature. And, then, of course, the mother of all events, Singapore Writers Festival, begins in a month’s time. I’m involved in two sessions, on Pinoy Poets and on Arthur Yap, but there’s a huge menu of possibilities, and it’s worth booking ahead. A warning, though–if you leave it until then to post on the blog, you’ll be cutting things fine timewise. It might be best to post in the next couple of weeks: remember you can also review a book. My post on Christine Chia is getting a lot of hits–partly because the poet herself discovered it!


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